(Offered May 1 – October 10)


This is a unique Jasper experience where you'll search the park for some of our amazing and characteristic fauna for 3 hours. Then you'll get your feet dirty and head out for a hike on one of our amazing trails stopping for a picnic lunch along the way.

In town pick up and drop off provided. Pick ups begin at 7 a.m. Drop offs usually 3p.m.
Hike and wildlife search locations are dependent on seasons, weather and guide. Hikes do involve some elevation gain and loss, uneven trails and (of course) inclement weather!


Adults (15 yrs+): $90 (including taxes)
Youth (7 – 14 yrs): $70 (including taxes)


  • Lunch (Picnic lunch can be provided for an additional fee with advanced notice)

  • Water (2 Litres recommended)
  • Camera
  • Small backpack
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather

Interpretive Day Hikes

A link to current trail conditions: https://www.pc.gc.ca/apps/tcond/cond_e.asp?opark=100244

Half Day (easy hikes)

Adults (15 yrs +): $60 (including taxes)
Youth 7-14 yrs: $42 (including taxes)



Maligne Canyon

(May - October)

A Jasper favourite; walk it anytime of the year and it changes every...single...day! Seriously. A Wonder of Jasper that puts a smile on everyone’s face and restores the nature lover’s soul. We’ll shuttle the vehicle to make it one-way downhill!

15 min drive (one-way)
2 - 5 km one way or loop
120m elevation gain/loss



Lakeside trails to Old Fort Point

(April - October)

Hike past a parade of turquoise lakes and Jasper’s historic Jasper Park Lodge to Old Fort Point (hike to the top optional). Finish here or in town. This hike is an option if the trails at Maligne Canyon are too treacherous in spring. We shuttle the vehicle to make it one-way!

10 minute drive (one-way)
8 - 11 km
120m elevation gain/loss



Pyramid Overlook

(April - October)

This is a lovely loop that provides some spectacular vistas, close proximity to Jasper townsite and moderate trails to traipse along.

10 min drive (one-way)
8 km loop
75m elevation gain/loss


Valley of the 5 Lakes

(April - October)

This very popular trail takes you past a parade of spring fed lakes featuring panoramas and wildflowers.

20 min drive (one way)
3 - 9 km loop
100m elevation gain/loss




Cavell Path of the Glacier

(June 15 - October)

If you don’t have a lot of time (or the meadows are closed), this abbreviated trail could be an option. We’ll take you to the viewpoint and a bit beyond for ethereal glacial views and the tale of an ice age past.

45 min drive (one way)
1 - 2 km return
70 - 120m elevation gain/loss

Half Day (moderate hike)

Adults (15 yrs+): $90 (including taxes)
Youth 7-14 yrs: $70 (including taxes)



Morro Peak

(May - September)

This is a steep hike with rewarding views! Good early and late season.

15 min drive (one-way)
8.5 km round trip
500m elevation gain/loss



Cavell Meadows

(July - September)

This steep but well graded trail takes you through the flowered sub-alpine into the rocky alpine for ethereal views and tales of war and ice ages past.

45 min drive (one-way)
8.5 km round trip
500m elevation gain/loss

Full Day (easy to moderate)

Adults (15 yrs+): $105 (including taxes)
Youth 7-14 yrs: $85 (including taxes)



Maligne Canyon to Lakes trails to Old Fort Point (easy)

(April - October)

This lovely trail link-up takes you from the unsurpassable Maligne Canyon past a parade of turquoise lakes to end at Old Fort Point (optional climb to Point summit before returning to town) or finish the hike back to town. We shuttle the vehicle so it’s one-way!

15 min drive (one-way)
11 - 15 km
120m elevation gain/loss



Pyramid Bench & Overlook (easy)

(April - October)

This trail link-up can easily be the highlight of your trip. Very adaptable loop depending on interests, ability and time. No shortage of views, flora, fauna and history.

10 min drive (one-way)
5 - 15 km
75m elevation gain/loss



Valley of the 5 Lakes to Jasper town or Old Fort Point (easy)

(April - October)

A great way to stretch your legs, see some stunning turquoise lakes, meander along a river and see a bit of Jasper’s trails.

15 min drive (one-way)
10 - 12 km
75m elevation gain/loss


Overlander trail (easy)

An historic Jasper trail with fabulous views, flowers and a remote feeling.
We shuttle the vehicle to make it one-way!

20 min drive (one way)
15.5 km
65m elevation gain/loss



Sulphur Skyline (moderate)

(late May - September)

This steep trail takes you to the alpine with fabulous vistas of the Miette and Fiddle ranges. We allow for time to soak in the Miette Hot Springs post hike ($6.50 admission), bring your swimsuits!

1 hour driving time (one-way)
8.8 km round trip
700m elevation gain/loss


Bald Hills (moderate)

(mid June - September)

This popular trail starts on an old fire road at Maligne Lake.  It is moderately steep in places and spectacularly beautiful in views in the alpine. A favourite.

1 hour driving time (one-way)
10 - 12 km round trip
500 - 650m elevation gain/loss

Full Day (challenging)

Adult (15 years +): $120 (including taxes)
Youth (7 - 14): $100 (including taxes)



Opal Hills/Peak

(mid June - September)

This trail is accessed at Maligne Lake and is the steepest and most challenging we offer.  The hard work is rewarded with brilliant views of the lake, especially for those willing to summit!  There are often bear closures in this area so ask ahead before booking.

1 hour driving time (one-way)
12 km round trip
1100m elevation gain/loss

For all hikes, guests are responsible to provide their own water (2 L recommended), food, hiking equipment (backpack, boots, poles), and appropriate clothing.

*Picnic lunch can be provided for an additional fee with advanced notice.

A link to current trail conditions: https://www.pc.gc.ca/apps/tcond/cond_e.asp?opark=100244