Need a local guide to show you around? Want to learn the local hot spots? Want someone to do the driving for you while you enjoy the sights?

We'd love to be your guide!

We are passionate about Jasper, it's flora, fauna and everything that's unique about this Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site. We are experienced Professional Interpretive Guides certified through the Interpretive Guides Association.


Want us to do the driving but want the guide to yourself?

Private guided services (including vehicle):

Half-day: 1-3 people: $299 (including taxes)
4 + people: $499-$699 (including taxes)

Full-day: 1-3 people: $499 (including taxes)
4-12 people: $699-$995 (including taxes)

Have your own bus but need a local guide?

Step on services:

Half-day: $320 (including taxes)
Full-day: $550 (including taxes)